Courage and the Enneagram by Mandy Persaud

Vulnerability and courage are hot topics right now.

We are collectively more aware now than ever that there is no courage without vulnerability and that vulnerability means feeling uncertain, at risk, or emotionally exposed. In other words, vulnerability is not a pleasant feeling by any stretch yet it’s a requirement for practicing courage in the way we live, love, and lead.

But do you ever wonder why a particular action or inaction feels excruciatingly vulnerable for you while it might seem second nature to someone else? Or why those you love or work with struggle in ways that seem inconceivable to you?

Most of us understand that vulnerability is necessary for courage and growth. But many of us lack insight into why something makes us feel vulnerable in the first place. This is where the enneagram can be a useful companion to courage work. When we gain insight into why something triggers a feeling of vulnerability within us, we can then consciously choose to lean into that vulnerability and put our courage building skills into practice.


Mandy Persaud is a licensed marriage and family therapist, leadership consultant, certified Dare to Lead and Daring Way facilitator, and owner of Simply Brave therapy center in Orlando, Florida. She helps clients access the wisdom, courage, and self-compassion needed to live a more meaningful life.