Enneagram: What’s your type?

The Enneagram is an incredibly powerful and elegant tool for understanding yourself and others.

While there is value and insight to be gained from most major personality systems (MBTI, DiSC, etc) – the Enneagram sets itself apart not only in the depth and nuance it brings to understanding the complexities of human personality – but in its mapping of how to grow and stretch beyond the limits of our particular personality.

Understanding the Enneagram and the primary style in which you view the world and relate to others can be incredibly helpful in making the most of therapy, personal development and healing, and spiritual growth.  It can also help us achieve the clarity and insight needed to understand what fears and desires are driving our behaviors, why we may be stuck in our work and in our relationships, and where we most need to practice courage.

Stay tuned as I unpack the ins and outs of this sophisticated and immensely practical system.


Mandy Persaud is a licensed marriage and family therapist, leadership consultant, certified Dare to Lead and Daring Way facilitator, and owner of Simply Brave therapy center in Orlando, Florida. She helps clients access the wisdom, courage, and self-compassion needed to live a more meaningful life.