Gratitude can be Very Therapeutic by Cathy Pinnock

Managing the demands of life, while maintaining a marriage, a career, raising children, and keeping ourselves fit and healthy, is oftentimes difficult. The tendency is to focus on the things that require immediate attention and forget about the things that may be important for your wellbeing. When you do this, you can forget that there are things you have that other people may lack. Additionally, it is so easy to compare yourself with your neighbors, families, co-workers, church friends and think of all the things they have that you do not. When you project these dissatisfactions, your children may also imitate these attitudes and it can lead to a family filled with complaining and discontent.

Gratitude is very therapeutic and contagious. It helps you become grateful, joyful, and happy and these are emotions during this time of uncertainty that can really help us have a positive outlook. When we are happy, we want to focus on self-care and other activities that bring us joy and positive emotions which can help reduce anxiety and depression.

How about taking inventory of what you do have and perhaps share with others who do not have as much as our families.

Some good activities to engage with your children would be to give back to the community. Perhaps baking some cookies and delivering them to a homeless shelter. Or helping an elderly neighbor by walking their dog. You can also contact a local organization and see what volunteer needs they may have.

There are many things’ families can do to give back and it is proven that when people give back to their communities, they have a greater sense of self satisfaction and gratitude for their lives and for others. It can provide a great source of comfort to another family, and you can feel their gratitude which in turn is therapeutic.


Cathy is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern at Simply Brave. She is motivated to help people find the answers they are looking for to enjoy happiness, find hope and regain personal strength. ⁠