Looking for greater satisfaction? Perhaps setting goals may help by Cathy Pinnock

It’s the beginning of the year and with that comes our annual ritual of setting personal goals. They may/can come in the form of weight loss efforts, developing new skills by going back to school, making plans to travel to that special place you have wanted to visit, or just developing some new relationships. Whatever the goal, it requires some work to achieve and derive self-satisfaction.

It is necessary to make time to achieve your goals. If it is weight loss; meal planning, joining a weight loss program, hiring a nutritionist, or just increasing your exercise frequency requires planning, time, and commitment to achieve.

Perhaps you desire a professional certification or higher degree. There are many resources available to finance your education so taking the time to research your options is advisable so you can find the right program that fits your lifestyle and family commitments. Be sure to consider the time commitment and support you will need from family and work to achieve your desired goal.

It is a difficult time for travel given the COVID situation, however, there are places and transportation modes that can still be utilized. Additionally, waiting until the summer months may be better in hopes that the virus will be more controlled. Taking the proper precautions will also give a greater peace of mind. Research what the resorts requirements are so you can feel protected and safe.

Building stronger relationships can help minimize feelings of loneliness and be uplifting. Whether it is a work friendship, a professional organization member, or church acquaintance, it is wonderful to have people you can spend time with and can encourage you when you want to connect with a friend. Sometimes it just requires initiating a conversation about getting together and planning an activity which you enjoy and can spend time with another person.

There are many different things we want to achieve, and the important thing is to plan, and set realistic expectations in order to feel successful. Assess the obstacles to achieving a goal and determine the best way to overcome the roadblocks you may face. If you are not able to achieve it on your own, a counselor would be a good person to consult so they can give you tools and encouragement to succeed.


Cathy is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist at Simply Brave. She is motivated to help people find the answers they are looking for to enjoy happiness, find hope and regain personal strength. ⁠